Selected Recommendations for Dan Castle

(from LinkedIn)


Sid HarveySid Harvey

Vice President at Tata Communications Ltd. and Owner, Difficult Run Communications, Inc.

August 13, 2013, Sid worked with Dan in different groups


Iíve known and worked closely with Dan Castle since 2009, when he first joined the Tata Group in Mumbai. As one of the few other American expatriate employees in the company, I connected with Dan and assisted him during his transition to India. During his early tenure, he worked under challenging circumstances as considerably enhanced the capabilities of the Business Excellence department. In his capacity as the CQO, Dan courageously took stands on issues that many others would have balked at. During his tenure Dan has continuously put the best interests of the business ahead of his personal convenience. 

I recommend Dan for his technical understanding and business background as well as his willingness and effectiveness in moving business forward at the system and strategic levels.

Further, I must say that I enjoy Danís company and like to take time out when we are in the same location to socialize and trade stories. I both enjoy our conversations and value his opinions.


Rachel Hernandez, PMPRachel Hernandez, PMP

Project and Program Management ● Education ● Team Leadership

July 28, 2013, Dan worked with Rachel in the same group


It is my pleasure to recommend Dan Castle for his stalwart dedication to promoting quality and best practices, both professionally and as a global citizen. I had the pleasure of witnessing Danís staunch commitment, while working with him at Hybritech (a subsidiary of Eli Lilly) on a committee, seeking to apply for the Malcolm Baldrige Award. Our organization had undergone a bold and concerted effort, to achieve world class status in performance excellence for the healthcare industry. Danís wealth of knowledge and experience guided us through this journey, helping us to showcase our strengths over our limitations, and sustaining us through the rigor of the process. Although we did not win the award, our reward came in the way of greater awareness of opportunities for continual improvement and a great sense of pride on what we had accomplished. Any organization aspiring to be a first in class leader, will benefit by having Dan on board.


Akhilesh Saxena,PMPAkhilesh Saxena,PMP

Vice President-Global Service delivery & PM- Tata Communications/Motivational speaker/leadership Coach/Kargil war Hero

July 23, 2013, Akhilesh reported directly to Dan


I have worked with Dan for more than three years, where he consistently demonstrated his professionalism, integrity, and passion for excellence. He is one of the best human beings I have ever worked with. He can be trusted in every situation. He maintains strong domain knowledge and is an expert at leveraging his skills in the Project and Quality Management areas.

Dan is a detail-oriented manager who has the great talent of being able to express his vision and expectations clearly. Because of these skills, it has always been easy and a great pleasure to work with him. Although, tasks were not always easy, Dan demonstrated a positive can-do attitude and looked for solutions that benefit the company. He has consistently risen to any challenge encountered. He has always been thoughtful, considerate and respectful of his associations regardless of station or position, and through fostering professional relationships; he has been able to bring specific focus to the desired results. Great leader and person to work with.


Lynda FenglerLynda Fengler

Portfolio Manager at HP Inc.

July 24, 2013, Dan worked with Lynda in the same group


I have had the honor and privilege of working with Dan at Hewlett Packard. Dan has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Six Sigma and Quality Improvement. Dan was on the world-wide Master Black Belt Board for HP and this is where I received the opportunity to meet and learn from Dan. Dan was instrumental in sharing his knowledge and helping me prepare for my Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. His knowledge, expertise, insight, and ability to break complex situations into simple solutions, improve processes and provide a ROI was a valuable asset to our organization. Dan is a passionate servant leader; that inspires others to be their best.

Dan was able to provide strategic vision, leadership and direction with our Six Sigma Projects, which ultimately provided ROI and success to HPís bottom line. I would highly recommend Dan to assist your organization.

Simply putÖDan knows Six Sigma, Quality, Process Improvements, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Project / Program. He is an Improvement Leader Extraordinaire - when he commits to anything he executes with flawless detail to create one-of-a-kind value added solutions. During my time knowing Dan I have sought out Dan's insight time and time again and he helped me to deliver exceptional service to our organization and clients.


Stuart J. GreenbaumStuart J. Greenbaum

Engineering Transformation Director at Cubic Corporation

January 4, 2010, Stuart J. worked with Dan in different groups


Dan Castle was one of my mentors when I was working on my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Danís passion for quality improvement and his stellar professional background were an amazing asset for my development as a quality professional and eventually as a Master Black Belt in HP. I especially valued his keen sense of organizational dynamics that was critical in helping to Ďget things doneí in a huge global firm like HP. Dan is truly an innovator in applying quality methods to a wide range of enterprise business problems, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.



Joerg SchweringJoerg Schwering

DaaS Tool and Process Engineer at HP

September 22, 2016, Joerg worked with Dan in different groups


I have worked with Dan at HP for several years and experienced him as a highly committed colleague. He did lead a team of diverse individuals from different organizations, all of them considered experts and leader for their respective organization, to optimize and consolidate the IT development process across multiple regions and domains, all while allowing each organization some flexibility to adapt it to their individual needs. Dan not only has numerous certifications, but he also knows when to select which tools and how to best apply that knowledge into practice. 

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Dan again in the future.


Govindarajan JagannathanGovindarajan Jagannathan

Chief Executive Officer at Transconn International,LLC

April 25, 2015, Govindarajan worked with Dan but at different companies


I have known Dan for well over ten years. I met him first in Baldrige training program and then had the privilege of working with him as a colleague in Tata Group. He has shown his special skills in assessing organizations using the Baldrige Excellence Model. He has an eye for identifying opportunities for improvement. He has been one of my Ace team players in assessment teams and I found his suggestions and observations almost transformational. He is an excellent team player and very open to criticism. His knowledge on a variety of subjects like six sigma, manufacturing, process engineering and technology has always been appreciated by the colleagues.


Alexandra Eder, MAAlexandra Eder, MA

Principal Owner at Eder Guesthouses LLC

April 16, 2014, Alexandra worked with Dan in different groups


Daniel was selected from a short list of consultants to lead HP Supply Chain Teams through the Lean Six Sigma Certification. His depth of knowledge in Lean techniques and communication style placed him on the top of HPís short list. He expertly attended to different learning styles during group exercises. The course he lead for HP, included a cursory understanding of De Bono, Six Thinking Hats. Danielís approach to the De Bono content was entertaining and structured for teams to practice the concepts in a practical and insightful manner. Similarly, while covering the Lean tools, team members were required to apply the concepts to current work challenges. Real HP supply chain work moved forward differently because of how Daniel lead HP team to be Lean Six Sigma certified.


Bruce AlderBruce Alder

Manager, Consumer Operations, Analytics at Google

March 9, 2014, Dan worked with Bruce in the same group


I was able to work with Dan Castle many times over several years and was extremely impressed with his Six Sigma, Process Improvement and Project Management skills. Dan is very intelligent, has a very strong business sense and is especially adept that adapting complex analytical concepts to everyday business problems. 

Dan was an excellent Six Sigma advisor to me personally and was the primary reason I was able to receive my HP Black Belt certification.

I highly recommend Dan as an extremely strong Six Sigma Master Black Belt and business leader.


Donna MannDonna Mann

President and Owner of S2Kool Labs -- on contract with Videx/Cyberlock

January 31, 2014, Donna reported directly to Dan


I had the pleasure of working for Dan (as a Factory Planner) while he was Planning Manager within the Hewlett Packard Inkjet Factory in Corvallis, OR. Working with Dan was quite a change from working with other managers, because he allowed me the opportunity to develop my skills and produce work without monitoring. That empowerment made me more productive and want to do more for him. During the time I worked for him, we made tremendous improvements in our MRP and Documentation Processes all while undergoing an ISO 9001 transformation. I was eventually put into a supervisory position and then, at the time when both he and another manager/mentor had moved on, I was made manager of the Planning Dept. I don't think I could have happened had it not been for Dan's tutelage and his friendship. His fun approach to communication while meeting our deliverables created an atmosphere where everyone felt free to contribute and progress.

Sadly, I have not run across another like Dan, but I will continue to live the example that he set for me.


Bhaskar MajeeBhaskar Majee

Strategy & Operations Executive

December 17, 2013, Bhaskar worked with Dan in different groups


I have known Dan for the past several years. Dan is a recognized authority in operational excellence and is not only APICS trained, but has contributed to improve the APICS Body of Knowledge and embed it in many organizations. He is the kind of leader who inspires the love for continuous learning. His knowledge, insight and humor takes any team to a higher level of performance.


John LockeJohn Locke

CTO at Federos LLC

December 8, 2013, John worked with Dan in different groups


I have known Dan for 3 years while working at Tata Communications, during this period we worked extensively on end to end business process. Dan is a master of business processes and is able to go into fine details explaining rationale to his reasoning using previous and known working examples. Highly intellectual individual who brings clarity to an area that is complex and confusing, providing game change to any business looking at end to end improvements. Dan is equally capable when if comes to providing quality audits

If you are looking for an expert in the area of Business Processes there is no better person in my esteem. Looking forward to future calibrations!


Trace WhiteTrace White

Senior Supply Chain Consultant/HP Network Design and Optimization Group

November 1, 2013, Trace worked with Dan in different groups


I had the opportunity to work with Dan on a number of occasions with HP. As the Lean Sigma program manager for all of the printing businesses, Dan had a broad reach and responsibility to drive quality and practices across a large expanse of HP. Among the things we worked on together, Dan was instrumental in helping HP to develop our lean manufacturing programs for inkjet factories in Singapore. This highly successful initiative broke preconceptions about how to drive improvements on our factory floors, and was replicated in our other global factories.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Dan as a leader for driving process excellence across complex business systems, and developing a culture of continuous improvement.


Steve RadosevichSteve Radosevich

Americas Supply Chain Operations at Hewlett-Packard

October 16, 2013, Steve worked with Dan in different groups


Very strong in Lean/Six Sigma methodology and practice


Philip MullinerPhilip Mulliner

Business Excellence Manager, Jaguar Land Rover | Simplification & Integration of processes improving efficiency & cost

September 19, 2013, Philip worked with Dan in different groups


Dan is unique, he has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience that he's happy to share with anyone. He also has an extremely professional, understanding and articulate approach that enables him to explain complex issues in easy ways, to anyone at any level. He's a pleasure to work with and be around, bringing humour and laughter to the most mundane of situations. I have never worked with someone who can both teach so much and still have so much fun in the process. Would I work with Dan again; in an instant. Would I recommend Dan; hell yes!


Mehul KapadiaMehul Kapadia

Vice President - Global Marketing at Tata Communications

September 16, 2013, Mehul worked with Dan in different groups


Dan is an absolute pleasure to work with. His knowledge and command on his subject of business excellence is superb. Add to that his witty and charming way of conducting business. And that gives you a perfect combination. His varied experience across different companies comes extremely handy.


Susie KingSusie King

Regulatory Compliance Security Officer and Business Process Engineer at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

September 9, 2013, Susie worked with Dan in different groups


If you are looking for a systems thinker with in-depth knowledge about Lean Six Sigma, you have come to the right place. Dan managed the Lean Six Sigma program for our division - he planned the schedule, taught courses, mentored people, managed certifications and continued to promote the program to management and individual contributors alike. Dan's real-life experience using the tools and processes applied to business issues and problems helped surface additional underlying needs.


Chet FrenchChet French

Sr. Manager, Biologics Performance Excellence at Ajinomoto Althea

September 4, 2013, Dan was senior to Chet but didnít manage directly


I had the distinct pleasure of working with Dan many years ago at Hybritech. Although it was quite a few years ago, I distinctly remember his active involvement and personal initiative in the companyís program to attain the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award. 

Dan is a lifelong life-long learner and contributor Ė youíd be hard-pressed to find someone with more certifications under his belt. Additionally, his relocation to India is completely consistent with this philosophy of seeking more knowledge and experience wherever it may be found.

As an individual, Dan is a pleasure to work with Ė approachable, patient and always willing to help others and share his extensive knowledge with all who seek it out to the betterment of the organization.


Mounir MerhiMounir Merhi

Segment Head, OSS

September 3, 2013, Mounir worked with Dan in different groups


Dan was instrumental in driving acceptance by, and training, our most influential leaders on adopting the TeleManagement Forum Business Process Framework as the solid foundation of our quality management practice at Tata Communications. It has been a rare privilege to collaborate with Dan on establishing a common language throughout our company where Business Leaders, and Information Technology, Engineering, and Operations professionals can deliberate, agree and successfully solve complex business problems using efficient processes and technology. Dan brings a wealth of profound experience in many quality management principles such as LEAN, Six Sigma, and Malcolm Baldrige to count a notable few.

Rachel Thomas

Senior business executive

August 9, 2013, Rachel worked with Dan but at different companies


Dan is a recognized expert within the world of APICS. Not only does he have the latest theoretical knowledge to hand, more importantly his experience allows him to quickly identify how best to apply to it within an organisation. Dan is a hugely personable colleague, keen to share his thoughts and build on those of others.


Clifford L NormanClifford L Norman

Partner Associates in Process Improvement (API)

August 6, 2013, Clifford L worked with Dan in different groups


I had the pleasure of working with Dan at HP. He has great knowledge of the Baldridge Award and the quality sciences. He was also instrumental in organizing Black Belt Waves with projects that got results for the Printer Group at HP.


Rishi MehtaRishi Mehta

Associate Vice President for Global Partnership and Alliances at Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS)

August 3, 2013, Dan was senior to Rishi but didnít manage directly


Dan was leading the business excellence function while I was closing working for bring a new wave of process oriented organisation.

During that time he brought a significant change in organisation by adopting and customising TM Forum BPF framework. Being an innovator and great thinker, He driven appropriate concepts, socialising it across the organisation and then start aligning it.

I will never forget under his leadership the drive for Quick which is excellent adoption of LEAN and Six Sigma has reached new height and helped organisation achieve many new things systematically.

I heartily recommend Dan and would be happy to work with him again.


Dylan AmayaDylan Amaya

Experienced Global Infrastructure Tech Analyst for Business Critical Financial Services Applications

August 3, 2013, Dylan worked with Dan but at different companies


Danís extensive knowledge of the APICS body of knowledge and processes was evident in our interactions in the Mid-Florida APICS chapter in Orlando, FL USA. His knowledge of best in class operations processes through APICS make him qualified to assess the efficacy of current processes and suggest new processes based on APICS research. I continually look to Dan for operations recommendations and I always come away with a more nuanced view of my situation because of Danís breadth of experience and process knowledge.


Kathy (Kate) GrimesKathy (Kate) Grimes

Healthcare/Baldrige Consultant & Technical Writer, LNHA

July 30, 2013, Dan worked with Kathy (Kate) in the same group


Dan is an expert in quality and a colleague Baldrige examiner with many years experience. His dedication to Baldrige applications in quality is an example among many that speaks to his broad range expertise in the field. I recommend Dan to anyone looking for the ability to follow-through, high tech knowledge, and a serious body of knowledge about quality.


Preston W BlevinsPreston W Blevins

Advisor Ė Consultant Ė Program Manager - Author

July 30, 2013, Preston W worked with Dan in different groups


I am recommending Dan Castle based on the time I was on the APICS Board of Directors while he was Chairman of the APICS Body of Knowledge Committee, and his very positive reputation prior to that among operations and supply-chain professionals, and his continuing and unselfish contribution to the evolution of organizational best practices. One example of Danís major contributions was managing the development of the unique framework called the APICS Operations Management Body of Knowledge (OMBOK) framework, a document that guides operations and supply-chain professionals in their development of strategies and strategy execution.

There are three reasons for Danís success; his ďguruĒ level understanding of many different but interrelated disciplines, his solid work ethic, and his sense of humor. People want to work with, and enjoying working with him. I cannot count more than a few professionals with a legacy equal to his.


Wanda SturmWanda Sturm

Director of Quality at Bearded Fox Brewing Company

July 29, 2013, Wanda worked with Dan in different groups


Dan maintains a focus on delivery to goals; manages strategy to accomplish the goals; and engages with appropriate stakeholders and customers to achieve success. He is an asset to achieving the business plan, getting the right results the "right" way.


Stephen CraddockStephen Craddock

San Antonio

July 29, 2013, Stephen worked with Dan in different groups


Dan is very skilled at identifying the right data then utilizing that data to drive improvements within an organization. Dan has a wonderful skill at being able to communicate effectively on why certain tools are utilized for driving improvement and helping those without the background to not only understand the methodologies but to be able to utilize. Dan is very enthusiastic and that enthusiasm is contagious.


Paul SteelPaul Steel

President & CEO, Total Quality Inc.

July 29, 2013, Paul worked with Dan but at different companies


Dan Castle epitomizes a Baldrige Senior/Alumni Examiner in that his personal qualifications and professional focus at one of the world's most renowned organizations have long aligned directly with achieving unsurpassed excellence.


Sean HughesSean Hughes

Director, Product Strategy at Actian Corporation

July 27, 2013, Sean worked with Dan in different groups


I had the good fortune of meeting Dan when I was selected to participate in a series of HP Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training workshops. Since the workshops, I have found that I frequently go back to my training materials to draw upon the best practices and techniques learned, particularly those related to planned experimentation for new product development and for product improvement. Dan played a pivotal role in influencing HP business leaders and teams, providing mentoring and assistance, and helping to foster a community of quality conscious improvement professionals. HP today, is a better company as a result of Dan's evangelism of benchmarked practices, and the efforts of the improvement practitioners that he influenced.


Ann DunkinAnn Dunkin

Chief Information Officer County of Santa Clara

July 27, 2013, Ann worked with Dan in different groups


Dan is an outstanding technologist and it was a pleasure to work with him within the Imaging and Printing Group at HP. Dan's knowledge of quality processes and his ability to implement effective quality systems are as strong as anyone I've ever worked with. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Dan again in the future.


Paul GrizzellPaul Grizzell

President, Baldrige and EFQM Performance Excellence Consultant and Coach

July 26, 2013, Dan worked with Paul in the same group


Dan and I are both highly experienced Baldrige Examiners. His knowledge of Baldrige-based performance excellence has allowed him to apply his expertise in US and international applications. I respect Dan's commitment to Baldrige-based performance excellence as evidenced by his tenure as a volunteer Examiner.


Maryann BrennanMaryann Brennan

Experienced Executive, Coach and Group Facilitator

July 26, 2013, Dan worked with Maryann in the same group


Our paths have crossed many times over the past two decades as we each have traveled the world of Baldrige. Dan is a friend who shares a love for collies and we both have given "forever" homes to rescues. Dan is a senior Baldrige examiner with a passion for Baldrige that is reflected in everything he does. Dan is a performance excellence expert in six sigma and process management who is never satisfied with the status quo and uses a myriad of ways to improve the world around him. Finally, Dan is a consummate networker whose constellations of friends and colleagues continue to expand, connect with each other and enjoy opportunities that would never have happened without Dan.


Grace DuffyGrace Duffy

President, Management and Performance Systems

July 26, 2013, Grace worked with Dan but at different companies


Daniel Castle has been a valued colleague for the past 7 years. I met Dan at an ASQ World Conference and immediately recognized an impressive professional. Dan has eclectic skills from organizational design and leadership to statistics and detailed process improvement. As a Tata stockholder, I am even more pleased with our continued professional relationship. I look forward to sharing innovative ideas with Dan in the years to come.


Mike EagleMike Eagle

Retired executive with Operational and Board Experience in Automobile, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical industries

July 25, 2013, Mike was senior to Dan but didnít manage directly


Dan is a very thorough and detailed person which makes him very successful in his past and current roles in productivity and quality. He is a quick study, a great communicator, and has the ability to motivate employees to strive for continuous improvement and excellent quality. He is a great for any organization. I would not hesitate to work with Dan again if the opportunity were to arise.


Jeff AndermanJeff Anderman

Administrative Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego

July 25, 2013, Jeff worked with Dan in different groups


Dan has been zealously pursuing operational excellence since our first shared exposure to Total Quality at Hybritech back in the early 90's. He excels in this area - the engineer lurking inside methodically picks apart every question or process in order to drive for solutions, establish benchmarks and clearly communicate both methods and results.


Amy KosifasAmy Kosifas

Director, Sharp University at Sharp HealthCare

July 25, 2013, Dan worked with Amy in the same group


Dan and I both volunteer with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. He is extremely knowledgeable about performance improvement techniques and is dedicated to helping make organizations better. His keen insights and wry sense of humor make him a valuable asset to any organization.


Kim SatherKim Sather

IS Director of Operations at Samaritan Health Services

July 24, 2013, Dan worked with Kim in the same group


Daniel is an active learner who is always looking for ways to incorporate his knowledge in helping move businesses and people forward. Dan sat across from me at HP for a while and he was great for bouncing off ideas and discussing best practices in project management and quality. I appreciate Dan's drive to "raise the bar" on team performance.

Susan Hochschwender

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consultant

July 23, 2013, Susan worked with Dan in different groups


Dan and I were colleagues at Hybritech. I worked with him on a couple of projects. He was very talented at assessing manufacturing and laboratory processes and workflows. He then applied his engineering and TQM knowledge to provide a value added solution for a more effective (cost, time and/or quality) process and/or workflow. Dan used visual aids and data to explain his proposals and implementation plans. As a result he was able to bring the functional areas most affected by the change into the process.


Anita D HuxmanAnita D Huxman

Retired from HP

July 23, 2013, Dan worked with Anita D in the same group


Daniel is a highly intelligent individual with a keen ability to optimize processes and organizations. His program management skills are excellent and he provides consistent results. His work to improve IPG's quality system is still in place today enabling HP to deliver a high level of quality products.

Daniel is absolutely delightful to work with. He has a unique sense of humor which makes work fun. He is gifted at combining impeccable results with fun getting there. His style of management brings out the best in people - often discovering skills and talents they didn't even know they had.

I highly recommend Daniel for program/project management, people management, and quality systems. I know his passion for quality and excellence will be a huge asset to all.


Lou VerdugoLou Verdugo

Independent Outsourcing/Offshoring Professional

July 23, 2013, Dan worked with Lou in the same group


I had the privilege of working with Dan within the Supply Chain of Hewlett Packard. As a supply chain manager, I looked to Dan to create the necessary processes to insure our continuity of quality components from our strategic supply base. Dan was instrumental in our quality control and quality systems reviews of our supply base. Dan was a leader who knew how to work with others and could lead by example. His work was impeccably detailed and he was a master at establishing quality systems within our HP Inkjet supplier base. Danís vast credentials led to him being a tremendous example of continuous improvement. Dan never stops learning. Dan would be an asset to any organization and I would welcome the opportunity to work beside him again. I highly recommend Dan Castle.


Karl KlaesiusKarl Klaesius

Operations Management Educator

July 22, 2013, Dan worked with Karl in the same group


As the APICS International Chairman I had the pleasure of working with Dan in his support of APICS. His communication skills coupled with his business knowledge made him an effective facilitator and educator. Dan routinely communicated how APICS educational materials can be used in continuous improvement efforts for any organization. He not only is effective, but his easy style makes understanding easy too.



Senior Director of Professional Development at APICS

July 22, 2013, Bob worked with Dan but at different companies


It was a pleasure working with Dan when he was Chair of the APICS Body of Knowledge (BOK) Committee. Dan brought an intriguing combination of talents and experiences to this strategic APICS committee. He has a deep understanding of the APICS Body of Knowledge, and the people skills to keep his Committee on track and on time with their projects. He brought leadership, intelligence and a sense of humor to his tasks and, under his leadership, the committee was remarkably productive and successful. I hope for opportunities to work with Dan in the future.


Darlene SamsDarlene Sams

Leader-Coach & Software Engineering Methodologist

July 22, 2013, Dan worked with Darlene in the same group


Daniel is an always approachable quality expert. He listens well and offers great input without solving the problem directly. Also, he's funny and has great stories.


Tom KlipfelTom Klipfel

Supply Chain Manager at Hewlett-Packard, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions

July 22, 2013, Dan worked with Tom in the same group


Dan has exceptional knowledge of systems and methodologies in operations planning, procurement, and quality management. He made significant contributions to helping stabilize and operationalize an explosively growing business that became a multi-billion-dollar product line. He was often the driver behind putting in place planning and quality systems that helped the business move beyond the start-up phase.


Kaz TakedaKaz Takeda

Disneyland Resort Manager, Industrial Engineering

July 22, 2013, Dan worked with Kaz in the same group


Within the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) world, there is a small percentage of members that not only excel in their profession but also take an extra step to serve others. Dan is one of these few who takes the extra step to serve IIE membership by representing their perspective within the Western US, offering professional guidance and taking multiple opportunities to foster new and better IE skills. Dan is also an eloquent speaker on behalf of IIE which I can attest as a co-panelist member on National IIE presentations and while he served in the role of Assistant Western Region VP and as the Western Region VP.


Bob HuntBob Hunt

Social Scientist at Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

July 22, 2013, Bob worked with Dan in different groups


Dan began his experience with the Baldrige Program in 1993. Since then he has volunteered his time and experience for the Program averaging 150 - 200 hours for 15 years. He is currently an Alumni examiner and is among our most experienced. Dan has done outstanding work for the program evaluation applicants for the Baldrige Award. He has provided much appreciated coaching for our new examiners and has cultivated valuable partnerships for our Program.


Hemant BhatkhandeHemant Bhatkhande

General Manager - Revenue Assurance at Tata Sky Ltd

July 22, 2013, Hemant reported directly to Dan


I have worked with Dan in Tata Communications and directly reported to him for quite sometime. It will be absolutely correct to mention that Dan has immense knowledge in the field of 'Quality' and has a solution to almost every problem related to Improvisation of Business. Some of these solutions have also been implemented by him making their acceptability easy across the board in the companies he works with and thereby at Tata Communications. Besides his knowledge of the subject he allows his team members a completely free hand while working, which gets the best out of them. Besides being a good Corporate employee he is a good human being at the same time.


Tulug SalahifarTulug Salahifar

Staff Business Intelligence Manager at Google Cloud

July 22, 2013, Dan was senior to Tulug but didnít manage directly


I got to know Dan through HP's Lean Six Sigma certification program. At the time, he was serving as the Master Black Belt and directly responsible for the certification program at HP. Beside his vast knowledge of the tools & techniques in driving improvement, he is also seasoned in best practices and organisational change management. He builds relationships and influences key leaders and decision makers in adoption of benchmarked practices. He drives change in large scale and does this through alliances and networking. I have always been very impressed with the depth & breadth of Dan's knowledge, experience and I would strongly recommend Dan to any team or organization that is looking for highly skilled change management professional.


Raul ChavezRaul Chavez

Business Process Improvement Manager at Cox Automotive Inc. Dealertrack

July 22, 2013, Raul worked with Dan in different groups


Dan has an extensive and international experience driving sharing of best practices and the use of benchmarking, between multiple divisions and companies; these was evident while he was helping and/or mentoring teams to do improvements within the company or outside with vendors, I saw this for years while we worked together at Hewlett-Packard, and he complemented this by creating a relax and friendly atmosphere which increased the participation of the team members.

Hun Beng Choo

Manufacturing Operations Manager at Hewlett-Packard

July 22, 2013, Hun Beng worked with Dan in different groups


Daniel was invited to IPMO to share his work on Six Sigma deployment, and I must say that he did a very convincing job in getting the buy-in from the management team. The Sigma Plus program was subsequently incorporated in IPMO as our Quality Initiative. Daniel continued his work to guide the certification process & led the panel of certification team to review all the IPMO Sigma Plus submissions.


Shauna WilsonShauna Wilson

USTAG Expert - PC/TAG302 ISO19011 Auditing Management Systems

July 21, 2013, Dan was a client of Shaunaís


Daniel is a very intelligent man. His vast knowledge of system integration as well as his certifications in Baldrige Awards, Quality, Six Sigma and much more is quite compelling to say the least. What I really appreciate about Dan is his ability to tie humor and detail from his vast knowledge to design and develop solutions at an enterprising level that results in greater company performance. It was truly a pleasure to work with Dan and I am very happy to see your continued success at Tata.


Sharon L DavisSharon L Davis


July 21, 2013, Dan was senior to Sharon L but didnít manage directly


Dan is a great visionary. While working in Dan's organization, we were able to develop wonderful tools and accomplish phenomenal things. Most of our accomplishments can be attributed to Dan's ability to see the 'whole' picture.

I would highly recommend working for Dan - hold on because you'll get more done that you thought you were able to do.


Ted MayeshibaTed Mayeshiba

Principal at Aditi Group

July 21, 2013, Ted reported directly to Dan


Dan was instrumental in being able to review practices in each of the Chapters and make operational recommendations based on his experience with our headquarters operations. Dan has been a respected senior member of the Institute for many years and I have had the pleasure of knowing him since his days at Jack-in-The-Box. His unique way of viewing the world through ďengineerís eyesĒ have led to innovative solutions and discovery of leaps in operational productivity. His management skills encouraged and kept a bunch of volunteers (IIE at the chapter organization level is completely voluntary) engaged and growing.


Laurel Nelson-RoweLaurel Nelson-Rowe

Director of Strategic Communications at ISACA

July 21, 2013, Laurel worked with Dan but at different companies


Dan has been a consistent, exceedingly active and engaged member and contributor to ASQ in the many years I have known him, while he was at HP and now at Tata. Dan encourages ASQ to expand its impact in the world through quality generally, through work and awareness-building, by advancing the Quality Body of Knowledge and professional certification, and by making important connections for ASQ members and staff with professionals and organizations worldwide.


Hank GrimmickHank Grimmick

Management Consultant

July 21, 2013, Hank worked with Dan but at different companies


I had the pleasure of working with Dan on several occasions, including during the development of the California State Quality Award, where he and I developed and delivered the first examiner training program. Dan's knowledge of the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and his ability to help organizations incorporate those criteria into operations in order to drive lasting improvement and change is outstanding.



Experienced Lean Six Sigma and Enterprise Excellence Professional

July 21, 2013, Alex worked with Dan in different groups


I know Dan from my first career in HP at IPG (R and D) through quality community. He was committed to the cause of evangelizing quality. Our friendship continued after I left the company. When I returned to HP for a 2nd career to manage, deploy and initial new Lean Six Sigma program for a global function, Dan had left HP. It was a great loss to HP and IPG in my view.

Nevertheless, when I approach Dan for help to understand more about the company (in order to plan for my own functionís Lean Six Sigma deployment), Dan was helpful. I also manage to meet him face to face when he was in Singapore. He managed to provide me with great insights, contacts as well as ideas. Despite leaving HP for a number of years, his legacy remains (as evident from LSS intranet site for IPG).

If I may summarize, Dan is an amazing LSS professional, friend and mentor. He is also classic old HP veteran who represented HP way through his actions and deeds. This includes believe in contribution (to community and world), teamwork and in the respect of individuals.


Anil KumarAnil Kumar

Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer Manager w/ Expertise in Quality Management Systems || Open to New Opportunities

July 20, 2013, Dan worked with Anil in the same group


Never mind Daniel's over fifteen professional certifications, Daniel and I go back several years as he and I have run into each other working on volunteer activities as fellow Senior / Alumni Examiners serving on Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners. Dan, through his volunteering services comes across as a very enthusiastic 'Quality Champion'. I found Dan, to be very energetic / effective as a mentor. Dan is a solid source of continuous improvement ideas. Dan is a very productive team member / leader and a lot of fun to have him on your side. It is a pleasure to know Dan as a "Quality Professional" and I whole heartedly recommend Dan to anyone looking to hire an expert in the area of "Operational Excellence".


Kay KendallKay Kendall

CEO & Principal, BaldrigeCoach

July 20, 2013, Kay worked with Dan in different groups


Dan is an experienced Baldrige examiner/alumni with a deep understanding of the Criteria. His thoughtful analysis of a case study or an application enriches our discussions.


Kelly McKeonKelly McKeon

Innovative, Successful Sales Leader with Operations Experience

July 20, 2013, Kelly worked with Dan in different groups


Dan was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the automation equipment in the manufacturing areas I managed. While understanding the said procedures, Dan used his TQM knowledge and engineering experience to improve the overall efficiency of the lab, to improve the quality of the product and to reduce the cost associated with the production. Dan's contribution to the production team was instrumental in the growth of Hybritech, always carrying himself in a professional manner.

Robert Vokurka

Professor at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

July 20, 2013, Dan worked with Robert in the same group


I had the opportunity to work with Dan on multiple projects with APICS (and Baldrige-based performance management programs). Dan is extremely knowledgeable of most operations, supply chain, and quality topics and can express and explain himself extremely well. He has a talent for applying principles to real situations. I would highly recommend him for any position involving the operations/supply chain body of knowledge.


Bo McBeeBo McBee

Independent Management Consulting Professional

July 20, 2013, Bo worked with Dan in different groups


Dan is one of the global business community's most experienced and skilled experts at using the Baldrige criteria and its associated best practice recommendations to help businesses improve performance and achieve improved competitiveness. Dan has proven to be a great team player often going well above and beyond to assure the teams in which he participates achieve and exceed their goals.


Susan Meineke, SPHRSusan Meineke, SPHR

Retired HR Executive

July 20, 2013, Susan worked with Dan in different groups


I worked with Dan for several years while at Hybritech. I found him to be intelligent, quick to grasp new information, even-tempered, patient in his explanations to others but not condescending, and someone who exemplified quality work.


Miguel PenaMiguel Pena

Supply Chain Management | Logistics | Customer Supply Chain | Inventory Management | Operational Excellence

June 30, 2013, Miguel worked with Dan but at different companies


Daniel is one of the three smartest individuals I have met. He possesses a unique ability to effectively share his knowledge with others across all levels of an organization. Additionally, he has a strong track record of driving for results. Clearly the type of leader that every organization wants.


Kirk NewburghKirk Newburgh

Experienced Business Management

July 31, 2009, Kirk managed Dan directly


Dan made very strong operational and quality system contributions to the business. He brings an almost whimsical style that can reduce drudgery into fun work.


Sharon RiceSharon Rice

Executive Consultant at .orgSource

June 14, 2009, Sharon worked with Dan but at different companies


Dan has served as the chair of the APICS Body of Knowledge Committee for the past two years. The Body of Knowledge Committee is responsible for: 


         keeping the Operations Management Body of Knowledge (OMBOK) current and ensuring it is reflective of the depth and breadth of the profession;

         assessing the skills and knowledge required for an operations management professional to be successful in his or her career

         evaluating whether the products and services that support the professional development of APICS members and customers meet their needs and are reflective of the Operations Management Body of Knowledge; and

         supporting APICSí staff in ensuring that products and services are of high quality and support the APICS brand image. 


Dan is an excellent chair and facilitator of the committee. His strong knowledge of operations management, his work experience, and his background as an instructor provide him with the ability not only to relate to the other members of the committee, but to provide thought leadership as well. 

The qualities that Dan possesses that are most valuable to his work for APICS include his striking intelligence, a common sense approach to problem solving, strong customer service focus, ability to see changes as they are occurring in the marketplace, and the verbal acuity to articulate these changes. Dan is an asset to APICS as a member and a leader.


Mike WhismanMike Whisman

Continuous Improvement Guide

June 2, 2009, Mike worked with Dan but at different companies


Daniel and I go back a few years and we always run into each other working on volunteer activities supporting the American Society for Quality, as fellow Senior Examiners serving on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners, and as Company Representatives at ASQ Enterprise Membership Meetings. Dan is an energetic quality champion who always has time to help others. Through his work as a volunteer and as a mentor, he consistently offers sound advice and is a great source of improvement ideas. It has been a privilege to know and work with him, and I whole-heartedly recommend him as an ethical person, intelligent mentor, a highly productive team member, and a good friend to have on your side.


Gerry AlkemaGerry Alkema

Operations Planning Manager at Lam Research

May 11, 2009, Dan was senior to Gerry but didnít manage directly


I was fortunate to have worked with Dan during an extended period of hypergrowth in HP's inkjet supplies business. Dan was able to effectively strike the delicate balance between meeting the needs of a fast-paced and often chaotic business environment while developing the organization's skill set and infrastructure to meet future needs.


Eric XuEric Xu

Fellow, MIT System Design and Management 2019

May 7, 2009, Dan worked with Eric in the same group


Daniel Castile is one of the core leaders for IPG Black Belt Community. I recommended him for a position in any of these areas: 6 Sigma; Lean Sigma; Program Management and Process Management related jobs.

My recommendation is based on below reasons:


1.    Dan is certified black belt. He has in-depth knowledge and senior experience in quality management and process control.

2.    Dan works in a very proactive way. He drove the development and deployment of Lean Sigma methodology across HP IPG group.

3.    Dan has strong business acumen. His clear understanding of business effectiveness and operational efficiency will help him further develop in this field. For instance, Dan created a virtual green belt class to ensure the operating team's delivery of effectiveness and efficiency.

4.    Dan has strong communication skill and cross culture adaption. For instance, Dan took on the request of creating and sending Black Belt training materials to Shanghai team and help develop the new people far away in HP China. 

5.    Being certified as a blackbelt, Dan is a professional who applies 6sigma/lean sigma philosophies and principles to a business and demonstrates team leadership and manages team dynamics in all aspects of quality/process control model. This professional will be of great help to either a mature business or a new emerging business.


Karen EbochKaren Eboch

Professor of Supply Chain Management and Organizational Behavior

May 6, 2009, Dan worked with Karen in the same group


Daniel is an excellent facilitator keeping groups focused on their task and accomplishing their goals in a timely manner. He keeps the task moving by injecting a sense of purpose as well as humor. He has experience in a broad range of certification programs and processes, which he draws upon in advancing each group's unique goals. His background in training and development has given him a great deal of emotional intelligence in dealing with a wide range of people and situations. Add in his technical expertise on a variety of facilitation and survey instruments and Daniel has many tools at his disposal for problem solving and strategic planning. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of APICS Body of Knowledge Committee tasks since 2006 and would be happy to share additional insights if you'd like to contact me directly.


Ellen BurtonEllen Burton

Director, Global Product Management at Wacom

April 21, 2009, Ellen worked with Dan in different groups


I highly recommend Dan Castle. Here are some highlights of what Dan brings:

1)    Business experience. Dan has extensive business experience both internal and external to HP which means he can quickly understand a situation and determine how to proceed. In addition, because he has worked in many different functions, he comprehends the linkages between organizations and how the business system works. This is critical for success in large matrixed organizations. 

2)    Success delivering results and partnering in large matrixed global organizations. In one high visibility cross-business project we developed new processes to address significant issues with the funding process; reviews and forums; and Marketing Planning. This program had multiple sponsors from Finance, Marketing and Operations. Because of his systems knowledge, we were able to bridge the sometimes conflicting objectives of our sponsors. Dan also worked tirelessly to ensure the team had the right analysis to make decisions and move the project forward successfully. 

3)    Applying Lean Sigma. One of his strengths is his ability to work at the right level. I've co-facilitated Lean Sigma sessions with him. Participants are amazed at the clarity they obtain after working with Dan. He uses the Sigma tools that are relevant for the situation so the teams can really hone in to identify the problem and then take steps to make improvements. 

4)    Coaching. During another high visibility worldwide project, my co-lead and I relied on Dan for coaching as we strategized the best way to proceed as well as to determine which Sigma tool best fit the situation. Dan is always available to work with his Sigma Black Belts. He is an excellent teacher. I've observed the Green Belt classes he teaches. The participants are thoroughly engaged and excited about what they learn. More importantly when they leave the class they can use the tools to improve the business.


Ram SanthanamRam Santhanam

Director, Global Sales & Pricing Operations at NXP Semiconductors

November 20, 2008, Ram worked with Dan in different groups


Dan has a passion for Quality and is extremely good at mentoring individuals new to the field of quality. His leadership in the HP Lean Sigma program has helped us make significant contributions to the business.