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The Daily Blueprint

Whether you use the generic form or the preprinted sheets showing each day of the year, the goal is to bring together all the things where your time and effort are required or desired and to take them to completion.

A simple list of the few main things you would like to get done today is a good start, using the “To Do Today” column. Add to that list any additional things that you may have in mind, or that may have been drawn from the overall plan for the month, or any of the “Tigers” and “Elephants” that you may be tracking.

With this full list in front of you (use extra pages if needed) look at each line and decide whether this is very important (“A”), normal in importance (“B”) or maybe not so important (“C”).

With importance marked, reread your list to see which things may be dropped. Many tasks come to you that do not add value – this is your time to face that fact and eliminate them – crossing them off with an (X).

Some tasks may already actually be done – many people hold onto a task too long. If the task is “good enough,” mark it as done with a check (√).

Some tasks cannot be accomplished by you – these should be marked as “assigned” with a circle (⃝). These will be delegated.

For the remaining tasks, consider the time you have in the day. Rather than trying to do too much (and doing things poorly) you should decide which tasks to move to a later date – mark these with an arrow (→).

Take a few minutes now to finish with the tasks you have already marked. Notify people if necessary that a task has been eliminated, completed, delegated or moved (delayed). If needed, ensure “delegated” tasks are accepted and that a “follow-up” task is scheduled.

For the remaining tasks, now consider how you will spend your day to get them done. Mark the order you will work on them and, if possible, mark some period of time in your day on the schedule when you will work on each task. Mark a “•” when a task has been started and a check (√) when the work is done. With all this done you have completed your planning for the day so you may now mark a “√” for the first task in your list!

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